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Continuing the Story… As I last left off, it was March 2020 and I had a positive pregnancy test, much to our surprise.   I was terrified; Dust couldn’t stop smiling.   Given the anti-kell antibody diagnosis I had received 2 years earlier, I had joined a couple of alloimmunization groups on facebook.   While those groups were incredibly educational, they were also terrifying.   I had seen women have failed procedures, I had seen women lose their babies, I had seen the reality of anti-kell.   So not only did I have my incompetent cervix to worry about, the early miscarriage from two years earlier which I was afraid would happen again, I also had kell antibodies to deal with, which were even more terrifying.   I mean, my body literally attacks a kell positive baby inside me.   How freaking terrifying is that?   My body, which is meant to grow and nourish a baby for 9 months would literally destroy the red blood cells of that baby.   Look, I get it, it was our choice to get pregnant,

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