Saturday, May 27, 2017

Where have I been???

I haven't posted an update in sooooo long and I am so sorry!  I've just been so busy all the time, it seems, but I must get back to posting and documenting our sweet babies!

I'll make this quick for now, and then I'll come back very soon and post all about their first birthday and their first birthday party.

The babies are doing amazing!  They are getting so big.  I look at them now and I realize they aren't babies anymore and toddlers is really what they are, but, they will always be my babies.  

They are walking everywhere!  Kanon took off walking first and I'm so proud of him!  Remi didn't sit around and wait too long, and the next day, she decided she could give it a go too.  They walked just shy of 13 months.  You could just tell they were so proud of themselves and thought they were so big!  It was precious.

They jabber a lot now!  Their favorite word is definitely "Dada".  I get an occasional "Mama", but not much.  They also say dog, down, ball, and Kanon, splash splash.  I swear Remi also said "I love you" yesterday and it was adorable.  

They've started playing together in their cribs on the weekends when Dust and I put them in there for naps or when each day when they wake up if they both wake up at the same time.  It absolutely melts my heart to see them playing together, giggling with each other.  Beyond adorable!!

They love playing ball!  They will sit in the kitchen and throw the ball back and forth and chase it around and they are both very coordinated with it!  

Kanon is incredible at making motor noises!!  He thinks everything has an engine, including pancake pieces!  

Remi loves to put the lids on bottles!

Both love to take little hollow toys, cups, and such, and "talk" into them.  Daddy taught them that trick and it is so cute!

They are both so smart (I know, I am bias).  I love watching them figure things out.  It is just amazing to watch them learn.

Well, this is my quick update for now!  I will get back to posting soon.  I have several things that I've wanted to post about for so long and I need to get them done before I forget!