All About Me...

Mother to Angels ~ Daughter ~ Wife ~ Sister ~ Aunt ~ Christian ~ Farm Girl ~ Athlete ~
Music Lover ~ Southern Girl ~ Razorback

I grew up in southern Missouri and now live in Northwest Arkansas.  My parents owned a John Deere dealership, which is where I spent most of my time as a kid when I wasn’t in school.  My parents also had a farm, where we raised cattle.  I grew up helping doctor cows and calves, feed hay and learned hard work through that at an early age.  I have two older brothers, who are 17 & 10 years older than me.  My parents wanted a girl, and I came along when my mom was 41 & my dad was 49.
I always knew I wanted to go to the University of Arkansas for college, as I grew up watching the Razorback basketball team.  My oldest brother also attended there, so it was natural I would eventually graduate from there.  But, before I did that, I decided to go to a local junior college on a scholarship to get 2 years of college paid for first.  That is where I met the love of my life, my husband Dusty. 
Fast forward 13 years…
I am a CPA & my husband is a sales analyst for national pet product company.  We have 5 beautiful nieces and 4 handsome nephews.  I have an amazing family and wonderful friends.  I’ve steadily climbed the "corporate ladder".  We are blessed enough to have a gorgeous house that we’ve filled with pictures and keepsakes from our travels and 13 years together. 
Life is pretty peachy, with the exception of one more description to add to the list above…
I started this blog as a way to document mine and my husband’s journey to parenthood.  And I hope and pray this blog will eventually be a blog about our beautiful family.  We found ourselves on the way to building that beautiful family once we became pregnant after a successful IVF transfer on June 1, 2014.  Then, shortly after, we were thrilled to find out we were expecting two children, a boy and a girl. 

On October 20, 2014, our lives, our plans, our dreams, everything, stopped, as I gave birth to our beautiful children, 18 weeks early.  Our beautiful Chandler and Paisley fought hard, but on October 21, Paisley passed.  Chandler followed her to Heaven on October 22. 

We love and miss our angels so badly. 



  1. Wanted to discuss my Kickstarter but after reading your stories will just say thanks for sharing your faith through tragedy.