Monday, August 26, 2019

Hello? Is anyone home?

Hi - 

I don't have many readers any more, and that is understandable, as my blog's story has run it's course.  But at times, I do miss the writing.  It was so cathartic at times.  

There are things I want to write.  Stories I want to tell, but it seems the time escapes me.  Work is heavy and hard, as I progress to the point I want to be in my career.  It demands so much of my time (as it should).  I've often thought about blogging about the challenge of being a working mother...but as I just said, time is a valuable resource and prevents the thoughts from making their way to the screen.

I still have the remainder of my miscarriage story to tell.  It's a story I want to tell.  However; it seems so hard to tell.  In a way, it became the end of a dream.  When I do post the story, that will make more sense.  Maybe I'll post it soon because that unfinished story seems to really haunt me.  

As a quick update to Kanon and Remi, they are amazing!  They are strong, and beautiful, and so smart.  They are nearly 3 1/2.  Remi has been potty trained fully for several months, and Kanon is getting there.  He still struggles to poop on the potty, but I think we may have turned a corner this weekend.  We'll see!  I wish I had tips to give there, but I honestly don't!  Remi followed her cousin's footsteps and honestly seemed to potty train herself.  It just clicked on day and she decided she was going to go on her potty from then on.  For both, we started out rewarding them with m&ms when they went potty (or even just tried in the beginning), but then after a while, Kan grew tired of the m&ms (he's not a big chocolate fan, actually), and Remi was over it and pottying every time.  Kan has gone pee pee in the urinal for a while.  Actually, the urinal seemed to be the thing that really helped him the most.  I think it made him feel like a big boy and he liked going.  We tried so many things to help him poo.  We eventually bought a "poop in the potty prize" basket, and he didn't care too much about it at first.  However; we kept at it, and over the weekend, Remi got a prize and it really bothered him, and since then, he's gone!  So, who knows!  Those are their potty training stories in a nutshell!

There is my quick update.  I'll try to not be gone so long next time. 

Friday, February 22, 2019


My last post was October, the month the bitties were born.  Now, here I sit, February 22nd.  The day before Chandler & Paisley's due date, and, ironically, the due date I first calculated when I found out I had a spontaneous pregnancy in May.  Of course it was, right?  As if the universe couldn't leave well enough alone and let Chandler and Paisley have their own date...

The hurt is still here.  It's raw, but numb all at the same time.  Kanon and Remi, of course, bring such sunshine to all my days, but at the same time, I can't help but feel such a large piece of my family is just missing.  They should have an older brother and sister, just like them, but a few years older. 

The things I struggled with in the beginning, I still struggle with.  There is not a single time I can say, God is good, there just isn't.  Sure, God gave us Kanon and Remi after letting us lose Chandler and Paisley, but, if God was good, why would I have lost Chandler and Paisley in the first place? 

I know in my head, bad things happen to good people.  Awful, terrible, heartbreaking things happen to good people.  I know that in my head, but my heart still can't let this go.

I've not finished my miscarriage story, but there is more to it, and that has brought me down so much.  It has honestly scared me and broken me.

Speaking of that, finally, just 2 weeks ago, I had my last labs following the partial molar pregnancy.  Those odds I was sure I'd defy just months ago, I didn't, surprisingly.  So yay for that...

I'm in a funk, and I just can't come out of it.  It's probably February.  It's probably the fact that I should be planning Chandler and Paisley's 4th birthdays and preparing them for pre-k.  But I'm not.  Instead, I realize I need to get new flowers for their headstone.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


I’m taking a break from my miscarriage story for a couple of reasons.  One, I’m at the point where it really gets difficult to process and think about, and two, it is October.

My heart is heavy.  It is amazing how the body, even without the mind processing the thoughts, knows when a certain date is approaching.  October 1 rolled around and my facebook feed was filled with posts of people professing their love and gratitude for October.  And at each and every post, I cringed. 
October makes my heart hurt.  October is the month our precious Chandler and Paisley were born, months too soon, and passed away.  October also happens to be the month recognized and pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.  October 15 is the day that the international wave of light is recognized, where, at 7pm, a candle is lit for babies lost too soon, in each time zone, so that there is a continuous light shone around the clock. 

Honestly, I hate October.  I feel myself slipping into a depression and each day at work, I just want to leave and go home, shower, and curl up in my bed and watch Grey’s Anatomy.  Other days, I just want to leave and go get my babies and hug them and never let them go, and thank God that I have their beautiful, amazing soles here with me, with their daddy, to keep us moving forward each day. 
I still miss Chandler and Paisley tremendously.  I can’t believe it has been four years.  I look back at timehop and I see the innocent posts I made in the first few weeks of October, and I just think, if I had only known.  But of course, I had no idea.  The guilt floods me.  As a mother, I feel like I should have known.  I should have done more.  I should not have let my babies die.  I failed them. 

I hate October.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Miscarriage Aftermath Part 1

I have no idea the statistics, but I would say nearly all miscarriages happen, and that's the end.  The chapter on the miscarriage closes, and people begin to heal and move on to next steps. find out your tissue pathology results indicate a partial molar pregnancy...

A what?  Partial what?

Yeah, that was my thought too.

I had my D&C on the 26th of July, and the next week, my hubby and I took the week off and had a staycation filled with all sorts of fun things with the babies.  It was a great week.  The miscarriage was in the back of our minds the whole time, but we were doing good with it.

And then my phone rang on Friday, August 3rd at 8:15.  I didn't recognize the number, but thought it may be a client, so I answered.  And on the other end, I hear, "Michelle?  This is Dr. Hix."  And I jumped out of bed (we had been laying in bed with the babies watching tv), and moved to the kitchen where I could take notes and listen better, because I knew instantly something was wrong.  The only other time a doctor has actually called me (and not the nurse) was when Dr. Hix's wife called me after my HSG test to ask me how I was feeling and to discuss the results of the test.  It just doesn't happen.  Honestly, my first thought was cervical cancer, that's just where my mind went.  But it wasn't that. 

Instead, what my doctor told me was the pathology results from the tissue came back, and the cells that were present indicated a partial molar pregnancy.  My doctor told me the types of cells that were found, but I just can't remember what they were, and I couldn't spell it! 

My doctor then went on to say there is risk that the cells could begin to regenerate and could come back somewhere in my body and I would need chemotherapy! 

Chemotherapy?  What?

Of course, that is rare, but honestly, give me rare odds and I swear to you, I will beat them. 

So, the course of treatment is to monitor my hcg levels weekly, until they return to negative, and then follow my hgc levels for 6 months. 

No getting pregnant for 6 months. 


Every dream I had of being fertile following the D&C and getting pregnant again without medical intervention, crushed.  It died right there, on the phone with my doctor.  My heart broke again. 

My doctor doesn't truly think it was a partial molar pregnancy because I had zero other symptoms of it (extremely high HCG levels, extreme morning sickness), but because it is so easy to treat in case the cells do return, my doctor doesn't want to risk it.  Which I appreciate.  And apparently those cells being present would not indicate anything else except this, so, it just makes sense.  

I just couldn't even believe it.  Of all things.  I can't even have a normal miscarriage.