Friday, July 25, 2014

9 Weeks 1 Day

I can't believe we're already this far along!!  We had our 3rd ultrasound on Tuesday and it was incredible seeing our babies again!  We didn't get to hear their heartbeats, but the doctor that did the ultrasound could tell they were beating somewhere around 160 beats per minute.  There was a mix up when they scheduled the ultrasound, and because of that, our ultrasound was on one of the older ultrasound machines, and the pictures weren't the best, and they couldn't measure or hear the heartbeats, but it was still incredible to see our babies! 

I'm still feeling sick off and on, although not as much as I was.  I'm still tired, but have been walking most nights, so I think that has helped me have a little more energy (as backwards as that sounds, I do think it helps).  Other than those two things, I really don't have a lot of symptoms.  My back pain and stiffness isn't as bad as it was, so I'm thankful for that! 

We go back on the 12th for an ultrasound in the good ultrasound room!  I can't wait to hear our babies heartbeats again, and to get better pictures of them.  For now, the picture below will do just fine!  *Also, I don't know why the 2nd line shows 8w6d, because I'm pretty sure the doctor hadn't actually measured baby B at that point* 

Monday, July 21, 2014

62 Entries...

Holy smokes!  62 entries in my medical file at my doctor's office!!

Last week, we had an appointment to meet with a nurse to discuss family medical history, our medical history, meeting with the finance department, and blood work.  It's a little surreal that we're moving on to this phase! 

At the beginning of our meeting with the nurse, she started off by just asking me to tell her about our journey.  She then said, I could read through it, but I like to hear from you instead, have 62 entries. 

Wow...I knew I had been to the doctor a ton, but 62 entries was shocking to me.  I probably started seeing my doctor at that office about 7 or 8 years ago, so let's just say there were 10 entries for my regular annual exams.  That leaves 52 entries since we started our infertility journey April, 2013!  That's the equivalent of going to the doctor once a week for an entire year!  Goodness!  That's a lot! 

I have a TTC instagram account, and recently, one of the girls that I follow posted about being hurt that she'd lost followers since getting her BFP.  She then went on to comment and said something along the lines of, it isn't like we just did IVF once and got  I was really shocked to read something like that.  Even doing IVF once is such a difficult journey, and for somebody who has been through that journey to post something like that was absolutely mind-blowing to me!  I understand I have only done IVF once, and did get my BFP, but I have 50+ trips to the doctor to prove that doing IVF once and getting pregnant is no easy task! 

Anyway!!  Enough about that! 

So, how have I been feeling?  Well, morning sickness should be just called sickness!  I have nausea off and on, all day long!  The only time it usually goes away is in the evening for a couple of hours.  I've been using preggie pops, which have been great, except the ginger flavor, it was awful!  Then when we saw the nurse last week, she wrote a prescription for Zofran for me.  I've tried to use it only on my very worst days, and it is great!!  Thank goodness for drugs.  :) 

I'm also extremely exhausted!  I can't believe how tired I am.  I try to go to bed around 8:00 or 8:30 every night just to combat the exhaustion I feel every single day. 

My back is killing me!  Along with my hips.  I know it's because I weigh too much already.  As the nurse pointed out, going through all of the infertility meds that I did caused me to put on so much weight over the last year, and I'm feeling it.  Dusty and I have begun walking in the evenings to try to help strengthen my mucsels and hopefully help my back and hip pains.  It's way too early to already feel like this!!

I'm also already showing!  I'm dreading when others start noticing and I'm running out of clothes that fit!  Just this morning, I went through 3 dresses just to find one that didn't just absolutely scream, "look at my belly!!!!!!"  I'm also at the point where I don't really look pregnant, and instead, just fatter.  It's lovely, haha! 

We have our 3rd ultrasound tomorrow.  I'm right at 9 weeks today.  I can't believe that I'm only 3 weeks from the end of the first trimester!  It has absolutely flown by.  We can't wait to see our babies tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We Have Heartbeats!!

Wow!  What an amazing feeling,to hear our babies heartbeats!  It was just incredible!  This whole process has been so surreal.  I mean, just to imagine how our babies were made, it just blows my mind.  My eggs were taken from my body, then fertilized with Dusty's part, grown in a petri dish for 3 days, and then two were transferred back to me, and now, they have heartbeats!!  Just wow! 

We got to our appointment and were taken back to see the ultrasound tech.  She then said something like, so, last time, there was a question whether or not there were two.  I was like, oh, I don't think it was a question, there were definitely two sacs!  Haha!  Then, she asked how far along I was and of course, it was decided I'd have yet another vaginal ultrasound.  (I seriously can't count how many I've had.....sadly) 

When she first brought them up on the screen, she said asked me if they actually saw anything in the sacs last time.  This immediately had me freaking out inside, as my first thought was they were somehow both blighted ovums (which is when a fertilized egg implants but doesn't develop into an embryo).  Then, I saw a slight "something" in one sac, and she then labeled it Baby A.  We then heard the heartbeat loud and clear.  That was such an amazing moment.  I just can't even describe it.  We've waited so long, and have gone through so much, and it is finally happening. 

However much I had told myself leading up to this ultrasound that I would be happy with just one, I was still concerned about the other sac, as we couldn't really see much in that sac.  It is incredible what the techs can pick up on because I couldn't see anything, but she moved the wand around and got a better angle and showed us that Baby B was just tucked up behind his or her brother/sister.  She then tried to measure it's heartbeat and we didn't hear anything.  This really wasn't helping my worry!!  She adjusted the wand again, said she saw a little flicker, and had me hold my breath to measure the heart beat again.  Again, I didn't hear anything, and even said, I don't hear anything.  She then used the machine to actually measure the beats per minute and showed us that Baby B's heart was beating at 121 BMP.  She also mentioned and showed me that my right ovary is still very enlarged.  My left had gone back to its normal size, but I'm not sure what is going on with the right.

I have two babies with beating hearts in me!  It is just mind blowing!  I thank God for these two tiny miracles. 

After our ultrasound, we then saw Dr. H.  He came into our room with this look of pure happiness and excitement for us on his face!  As I've mentioned before, he and his wife (another one of my doctors) also went through IVF to have at least 2 of their children, and it is so refreshing to know he knows exactly how we feel!  He, of course, congratulated us, shared in our joy, and told us that everything on the scan looked good and their heart rates were good and in the normal range for how far along I am. 
We go back in a little less than 2 weeks for bloodwork and to discuss financials, yippie, lol!  Then, Dr. H wants to see us back about a week after that for another ultrasound. 
This is happening!!  We're pregnant!!  We're so excited!