Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vegas & Straight No Chaser, Baby!!

Dusty and I went to Vegas recently, and I wanted to share a little about our trip on here.  About three years ago, Dusty and I were flipping through channels on the tv, and came across the local PBS station.  They were airing a special with a group called Straight No Chaser (SNC).  We instantly fell in love the group.  The things they were able to do with no instruments or special effects were incredible.  Dusty and I attended our first concert in October of 2010 and after seeing them live, loved them even more!  Part of the appeal for Dusty and me is our love of music, including the technicalities within music (more Dusty than me), and Dusty and I have such an appreciation for the musical talent these guys have. 

Since seeing Straight No Chaser in 2010, we saw them again in October of 2011 in Kansas City.  We went to Iowa to run the Race for the Cure with his sisters in Des Moines, and just happened to check their schedule and saw they were going to be in Kansas City the very day we would be driving through there on our way home from Iowa.  Then, they were in Fort Smith in April of 2012, so we saw them a third time then.

Last fall, SNC had a Straight No Chaser cruise event.  We had already planned other vacations last year, and didn't have the funds or time off to do the cruise.  After seeing other "Chasers" post videos on YouTube and other places, I knew I didn't want to miss out on the fun if they did another cruise. 

Instead of a cruise this year, they had a Chaser Summit in Las Vegas.  Included in the Summit was a cocktail party with the guys, bowling and hanging out with the guys, Q&A time with management and with the guys, and 4 concerts!!  Dusty and I got to meet the guys of SNC and listen to some amazing music. 

Here are a few of our pictures from our time in Vegas. 

I may or may not have a big time crush on the guy holding the red solo cup in the collage pic (hey, he's HOT!!!).  It's all good, Dusty is completely aware of this.  :)
Here is a link to their newest mash-up, which was a HUGE crowd favorite!
So - that is a recap of our Vegas trip!  Love Straight No if you couldn't tell.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Officially Negative

Sorry for my time away from posting any blogs.  Work has been a little crazy, not much has changed on the baby front, and then Dusty and I took a quick 4 day trip to Vegas over the weekend, which I'll post about in another post soon.

On Monday, September 23rd, I went to the doctor's office to have a blood test done to confirm I wasn't pregnant.  I got there at 8:00, and was back at work by 8:20.  My doctor's office called around lunch time with the news that I knew I would hear, I'm not pregnant. 

I really do love my doctor's office, but the down side is having to see so many different doctors, so, when I got a call with my results, it was actually from the nurse of the doctor I saw from my 2nd ultrasound of my 2nd round of clomid, so, a doctor I saw in June.  The nurse asked me if I wanted to continue with another IUI this cycle, and I told her I wasn't having a cycle, which was the whole reason for the blood test.  I then told her that my regular doctor's nurse {even though I haven't seen that doctor since April!!!} said I would be prescribed something to start my period.  The nurse's response was something like, oh, let me check with her.  So, about an hour later, I got a call telling me they would call in a prescription {yet another one} for a hormone to make my period start.  It would be a 10 day prescription and my period could start any of the 10 days, or none of them, and if it didn't, to call back. I am, 8 pills into this perscription and nothing.  I'm now on cycle day 48 and nothing.  Go figure.