Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I'll post more details very soon, but Dusty and I met with the APN from the RE clinic and had a great meeting.  She reviewed everything, and asked lots of questions (glad I was prepared), and told us that next for us, we're doing IVF! 

I know a lot of people think, oh my gosh, IVF, that's scary.  Yes, it is, but right now, for us, it's exciting!  We're tired of IUIs and failed cycles, and we're ready to move on to the next step.  We were so glad when we walked out of there that IVF was next, rather than being told we need to do more IUIs. 

The APN, Sarah, was fantastic!  She explained everything, made it all very easy to follow and walked us through the entire process.  Needless to say, Dusty and I are both very excited to get started. 

I hope to have a post up with more details by this weekend, but I had to share this!

Monday, March 17, 2014


Being a CPA, this time of year is absolutely crazy for me.  No, I don't do taxes, but I still have busy season where I'm working 55-65 hours a week from the middle of January through April 15th, and usually through April 30th.  I am an audit senior manager, and in our practice, we have a very big bubble of audits that are due anywhere from 3/31 through 4/30 that drive our busy season hours up.  I've discovered this year, this has really helped me keep my mind off of our fertility struggles.  Luckily, I have a boss that is so incredibly understanding and is aware of what Dusty and I are going through, and understands when I am out of the office for a few hours here and there, and also understands why those appointments come in chunks.  Thank goodness for that! 

All that being said, busy season does cause other problems that can be hard to work around.  I really was frustrated last week as I was trying to schedule an appointment with the APN from the RE clinic in Little Rock.  She comes up to NWA every 2 weeks, and of all days, the day she was planning to be in NWA, Tuesday, I tentatively had a meeting at a client's 4 1/2 hours away, which would mean I'd miss this time around and would have to push it to April 1st.  As it turns out, my client meeting date changed, but I didn't find out until late Friday and wasn't sure if I should reach out to change the appointment anyway, as my husband also is going through a very busy time at work, and has a meeting he can't miss on Tuesday, so I didn't think it would matter anyway, and continued my plan to meet with her on April 1st. 

Dusty and I were talking on Saturday and he said that if the available consult appointment was in the morning, he could make it.  Well, it was at 10:30, so I emailed the APN to ask her if she still had an opening.  She emailed me back yesterday and as it turns out, actually had to move her NWA visit to Wednesday and still had a 10:30 slot available. 

So, that all being said, I feel blessed to be able to meeting the her on Wednesday, with Dusty there too!  I'm very anxious to hear what she says is the next step and to get moving forward with it!

Friday, March 7, 2014


We were supposed to be gearing up for IUI #4 tomorrow.  This was going to be the cycle it worked, since we had already made a backup plan to consult with the RE clinic if it didn't work.  So, that being planned, I figured maybe this cycle would work and we'd get to cancel that referral.  It seems like nothing ever works out the way it should when I try to plan ahead, so I hoped this time it would work out for the better.

Well, apparently my body hates me and had other plans. 

I had my CD14 scan yesterday.  On Tuesday, there was one small follicle on my left side (again...not ideal, but we were going with it), so we checked again yesterday and the one follicle I had decided to stay the same size.  No all. 

It took Dr. H a while to find my left ovary and when he did, it was evident pretty quickly that there wasn't much going on.  It's kind of crazy how I've learned to recognize the obscure shapes in the ultrasound display.  Dr. H measured it, and as we suspected, it hadn't changed since Tuesday.  It was around 11mm, and to be triggered and do IUI, we want it to be around 18mm at a minimum.  It was nowhere close. 

Laying there waiting for Dr. H to measure it once he found it, I felt something that's not ever happened in the doctor's office, a tear rolled down my cheek.  The disappointment just became too much.  I quickly wiped it away as I was sitting up.  Dr. H and I discussed what was next, and he said they would send a text to the nurse practitioner from the RE's clinic that I have been referred to and would let me know something in the next week.  I have to say, I just love Dr. H.  He and his wife struggled with infertility too, so I feel like he really knows how this feels (as much as possible, from a guy's standpoint, anyway).  Dr. H could see I was disappointed and gave me a hug as he was leaving.  I am very fortunate to go to a clinic where the doctors actually care. 

So, this cycle was another failure.