Monday, September 15, 2014

Itty & Bitty

I can't believe I haven't mentioned this on the blog before, but from the day of the transfer, we have called our babies Itty & Bitty.  We decided that Itty sounded smaller than Bitty, so we named the 6-cell embryo Itty, and the 8-cell embryo Bitty.  Since our early ultrasounds, one baby has been measuring 1 day ahead of the other.  We joke that this is Bitty, since Bitty was a full two cells bigger than Itty when transferred back into my body.  We have absolutely no idea if that could possibly be true, but it works for us!

So, now, to share with my blog readers, here is our gender reveal...

We are so excited and can't wait to meet Itty and Bitty! 

And, in case the video doesn't play on your device, baby a, or Bitty, is a boy, and baby b, Itty, is a girl!  :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday's Scare - More Bleeding

The Friday morning before last was spent in the was quite the adventure.

After my last scare of bleeding, I've only had a very tiny amount of spotting, and that was usually after straining and dry heaving first thing in the morning (so much fun).  Well, Friday morning, I woke up around 4:00 and had to go to the bathroom.  When I wiped, there was a good amount of blood.  I wiped a few more times and it seems to stop.  I laid back down and decided that if I bled any more, I'd call my doctor's office.  My alarm went off at 6:30, and one again, when I went to the bathroom, I bled. 

By this point, I was slightly panicked.  I looked on my clinic's website and saw that calls after hours would be answered by an on-call nurse.  I tried to call both lines from my phone and it would ring once, and then disconnect.  I thought, great, their phone lines are down.  Well, just by chance, I tried from my husband's phone, and it worked.  The "triage" nurse answered, and told me her recommendation was for me to come into the ER.  So, Dusty and I left the house a little before 7:00 and drove to the ER, which happens to be down stairs from my clinic.  We got there about 7:10, and went it.  I told the person at the window that I called and spoke to the nurse and she told me to come in.  They quickly admitted me and put me in a room. 

Then, the fun started...the nurse came into my "room" (really, it's just a curtain) and gave some big long speech about how bleeding can be normal, but can also be a miscarriage and if I am miscarrying, there is absolutely nothing they can do about it, and said there are no miracles at 15 weeks. kidding.  Oh, and, it isn't like I went to an ER at a hospital, where they see all sorts of people.  I went to the ER at the women's hospital, that is there for delivering babies!  This is about all they deal with! 

After the nurse who was buckets of joy was done depressing me and shaming us for coming in, the nurse practitioner came in.  Yep, that's all I was going to see, no doctor.  She came in and said she'd order a blood count and check my HSG (pregnancy hormone) level.  I thought, what good is that going to do??  I then asked, am I going to get an ultrasound?  The APN said, well, that won't really show us if they are ok.  I said, but it will show me if my babies have a heart beat, which is what I need to know right now!  She left without really commenting one way or another.

Pretty soon, the nurse that admitted me came in and said that lab would be there shortly to take my blood, and that the APN had ordered an ultrasound and if the ultrasound tech had time, she'd be in to do an ultrasound at some point. reassuring.

I had my blood drawn, and then, thankfully, the ultrasound tech came in shortly afterwards.  She spent a ton of time with us and was so sweet.  She showed us that our babies are just fine, their heart beats looked good, and showed us lots of images of our babies.  I think she spent 20 minutes or so with us.  She did tell us that she's supposed to just get in and out, but could tell we were genuinely worried and concerned, and didn't just make up bleeding or cramping just to come in and get an ultrasound (I was crying).  Thank God for her! 

Then, she ended up showing us what baby a is.  We had told her we were going to have a gender reveal party and be surprised, but I don't think she really got what we meant.  Oops!  So, once she showed us baby a, we told her she had to figure out baby b!  I'll be sharing after we have our gender reveal party on Sunday.

Oh, speaking of that, a friend of mine who is an ultrasound tech scanned me last week to try to find out for us what we're having, but baby b was completely not cooperating and she wasn't able to tell.  She was going to scan us again this week, but after the above...there was no need.

So, after all of that, they couldn't figure out the source of the bleeding, and said it was probably just as well that they couldn't, because if they had seen something, it probably wouldn't have been anything good.  When they came back in, both the APN and the nurse did 180s and were so nice to us.  They both also mentioned the fact that we did IVF, so I don't know if they decided once they realized how hard it was for us to even get pregnant that they should take it easy on us, or what, but their attitudes were completely different. 

Once again, I'm just trying to take it easy, and I'm praying for no more bleeding, it's so scary!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Still here...not much new...

We're still here...still hanging on.  Not much new going on. 

I must admit, I'm tired of worrying.  The emotions, the hormones, everything, I guess, has started to drag me down lately.  Dusty's job search is still that, a search.  He has had several interviews, and made the 2nd round a few times, but everything seems to be on hold right now.  We're just "waiting to hear back".  And that is tough. 

We realize God has a plan, but right now, we have no idea what that plan is.  Dusty was absolutely miserable at his last job, so in a way, we're so thankful he's no longer in that situation.  But, on the other hand, not having a job and knowing how we'll get by is so much worse. 

It's amazing how many people are like, oh, it'll be ok, don't worry about it.  How in the world do you not worry about it, when our income has been cut in half.  And, these people telling me this aren't saying, God has a plan, they are just like, don't worry about it.  Really people?  Seriously?  How am I not supposed to worry about how we're going to pay our bills?  I just don't get people.

The stress of all of this is really taking a toll on me.  I am not saying it is in any way connected, but we did spend Friday morning in the ER.  I'll have to add a post about that lovely adventure, and I'll do that soon.  The good news is, the babies are fine, thank God. 

I'll do a couple of posts very soon, one with Friday's story, and another with current pics of the babies.

Until then, please keep us in your prayers.  Please pray with us that a job opportunity opens up for Dusty very soon.