Friday, August 11, 2017

16 Months Old!

At 1 year, I (obviously) quit posting regular monthly updates on the Toots.  But they are truly at such a fun age right now that I need to do a post just to help me remember what all is going on in their lives and their development right now.

First, and perhaps the biggest, is as of about 3 weeks ago, we are completely off the bottles!  This was probably a little later than most, but we're ok with that!  They were down to bottles only at nap and bedtime since about 13 months, but we decided to make the move to sippy cups only and they never even asked for their bottles!  

Second, they are saying so many more words now!  They say mamma, dadda, grammie, Beck, Pop (their great-grandfather, not the sugary drink), more (Kanon, along with his way of signing it, which is one finger pointing at his opposite palm, Remi still signs it like a pro), dog, splash splash, scrub-a-dub-dub, down, I love you (Remi a few times), my my, bad (haha), hi and hiya,and  bye and buh bye.  

The next thing I want to remember is their love for books right now!  For the past few months, they have really taken to reading.  They love for anyone to sit down with them and read.  Books are their favorite things right now.  The love books that have animals and for me and Dust to make silly noises they can mimic.  

They also are so independent.  At times, in the evening, we'll come home and they will just go to their little play area and sit down and play with their toys.  Although I love seeing it, it also makes me sad at the same time that they are so independent!  

They love animals, especially dogs, and especially Remi.  She just goes crazy for them, even when she sees them on tv or in books.  It is adorable!  

Kanon is really taking to eating with a spoon!  He does a fantastic job eating breakfast at Aunt Beck's every morning and using his spoon for his oatmeal or yogurt.  Remi insists on eating with her hands still, haha!  

They are fabulous eaters!  We really couldn't ask for them to be any better here!  They love fruit and veggies so much!!  Give them blueberries and they will be happy for days!  They love corn on the cob, strawberries, peas and green beans are a favorite too!  They love their oatmeal or malt-o-meal for breakfast, along with fresh fruit.  We've recently introduced them to spaghetti and they are big fans!  Remi has always been a pretty good meat eater, but until recently, Kanon wasn't too crazy about it and would always leave meat on his tray.  He has recently discovered sausage and is a big fan!

Kanon is definitely in this pointing and grunting stage right now.  He's also the first to tell you if something is out of place and not where it should be.  If there is a cord plugged in that is within his reach, he's going to say bad, or grunt and point at it until you move it.  Remi doesn't seem to care too much, but will go mess with whatever it is Kanon is not happy about.  

Remi is still crazy about her wubs!  I'm not sure how that will end, or when it will, but she LOVES them!!  Some nights, we throw 4 of them in her crib to be silly and inevitably, when we go back to check on them, she will be snuggling all of them!  Remi is great about sitting them down when I tell her to.  When we leave in the mornings, I tell her, leave Lucy (or whoever she has) here, and she'll take the wub out of her mouth and set it down (or throw...typically).  

Kanon's has two favorite things to do right now.  Clean and make motor noises.  I've never seen a toddler so good at making motor noises and mimicking how something sounds!!  Maybe he has VP in his future, lol!  We recently rented a carpet shampooer and he was incredible at making the same loud motor noise as the shampooer!  He imitates the dust buster a lot, but it was so funny to hear him get louder and deeper when he was imitating the shampooer!  Notice both of those things tie into his other favorite, cleaning!  He LOVES it!  Oh my goodness, give him a broom and he is happy!  He'll wipe the floor with paper towels and sweep!  It's darling!

Although both love reading, it is clearly Remi's favorite thing!  She loves all books and will beg us to sit down and read with her.  She likes touch and feel books and books with animals.  She will read them to herself and "talk" out-loud.  She also loves to run.  She's in the phase where she hardly walks anywhere and wants to run everywhere!  She's hilarious!  
They also are doing great at sleeping (knock on wood) and going to bed!  Since taking the bottles away, they have been doing so well at sleeping!  They will have dinner, then bath time, and after bath time, we'll do sippy cups with milk, although they hardly drink any, then we brush their teeth (oh, that's another thing, Kanon has 16 teeth and Remi has 14!!!), and they go to bed!  They usually fall asleep within 15 minutes of being in bed, with just laying there watching their "tvs" most nights, and have been sleeping all night, thank goodness!  

We love them so much and they are absolute dolls and we truly couldn't ask for better babies!!  We're so thankful for them!  

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